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 We cannot always build the future for 
our youth, but we can build our youth for the future. - Franklin D. Roosevelt  

                                                                                                                                                                                                      BECOME A MENTOR TODAY!


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Share your knowledge and experience while empowering the next generation of artists!

Creative Connect provides you with the opportunity to help expand the minds and skills of emerging artists and creatives through the transformative power of mentorship!

Looking to gain Professional Development & Artist Opportunities?

Creative Connect Mentors often have first priority when it comes to hiring for artists & facilitators to support Nia Centre programming including workshops, artist talks, and more. Mentors will also have access to professional development support and resources to support their creative careers!

How to get started

Sign Up

Create your account in minutes or log in using an existing Linkedin account. Select the the type of mentor role you would like to hold, and share your past experiences, interests and background to give mentees context to who you are!

The Interview

Like your future mentee, we want to get to know you! Once you complete your application, we will contact you to schedule a phone interview. 

Mentor Orientation

Time to get you ready to connect with mentees! We will help guide you in personalizing your mentoring role and experience, sharing strategies, resources, ice breakers and activities that will help you connect and create a long-lasting mentorship relationship with your mentees!

You are ready to empower the next generation of artists!

Once approved, mentees will be able to find and request to connect with you! Mentees can find you, based on the information included in your profile (industry, art medium, interests) Remember to respond to the mentee as soon as possible so you can begin your mentorship!

Mentorship Roles

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Matched Mentor

Connect 1:1 with a mentee to provide long-term mentorship. As a Matched Mentor, you will be able to support a mentee in accomplishing their program goal(s), while also providing guidance and building their creative skills, resources and network.

Time Commitment

5 hours minimum

As a Matched Mentor, you are required to connect with a mentee over the course of five (5), 1 hour mentorship sessions . Sessions can be more than 1 hour. 

You must complete these 5 sessions within the time frame of 3 months. The scheduling of these sessions are the responsibility of the mentee and mentor.

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Coffee Connect Mentor

Provide one-time support, guidance, and resources to a mentee in this short-term mentorship relationship. Over coffee, tea, or something light, you will meet with a mentee for 1 hour to help them learn more about a specific topic, or answer specific questions and concerns they may have.

Time Commitment

1 hour minimum

On average, you will connect with a mentee for a minimum of 1 hour. The time commitment will depend on how many mentee’s you schedule a coffee connection with.

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Group Mentor

Support a small group of three mentees in a long-term, group mentorship. Led and directed by the Mentor, Group Mentorship allows for mentors to work in small group settings to support both the individual & collective needs of mentees.

Time Commitment

10 hours minimum

As a Group Mentor, you are required to create and submit the overview and learning objctives of each mentorship session 2 weeks before the start of the group sessions. A Nia Centre will provide support as needed throughout this process.

You will connect with 1-3 mentees over the course of 4, 2 hour sessions.

Nia Centre recognizes the unique challenges that mentorship comes with and continues to advocate for mentors to be compensated as they understand the time commitment and systemic/employment barriers that many creates and artists face within the labour market. As such, Matched Mentors and Group Mentors will be given an honorarium in recognition of the time commitment. 


If you have any questions about this process, email mentormatch@niacentre.org