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Building Together To Surpass Our Achievements!

Becoming a supportive ally in the lives of youth empowers them to access the pathways to success, accomplish their goals, and become agents of change within their lives and community.

The Creative Connect program provides you with opportunity to support, share your knowledge, and expand the minds and skills of young artists and creatives through the transformative power of mentorship!

Getting Started: Your Role

From Peer to Peer, to Group Connects, Creative Connect provides you with various forms of mentorship to begin supporting a young artist. Sign up today and begin connecting!

Matched Mentor


Connect 1:1 with a mentee to provide long-term mentorship. As a Matched Mentor, you will be able to support a mentee in accomplishing their program goal(s) through five 1-hour sessions.

Time Commitment
A minimum of 5 hours over the course of 5 sessions.

Coffee Connect


Provide one-time support, guidance, and resources to a mentee in this short-term mentorship relationship. Over coffee, tea, or something light, you will meet with a mentee for 1 hour to help them learn more about a specific topic, or answer specific questions and concerns they may have. On us!

Time Commitment
1 hour minimum

Group Connect


Support a small group of three mentees in a long-term, group mentorship. Led and directed by the Mentor, Group Mentorship allows for mentors to work in small group settings to support both the individual & collective needs of mentees.

Time Commitment
10 hours minimum

Three Men Handling Camera and Flash

Capture Group Mentorship Sessions, facilitated by photographer Nabil Shash

Mentors often have first priority when it comes to hiring for artists & facilitators to support Nia Centre programming including workshops, artist talks, and more.

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I became a mentor because I feel that I have knowledge that I can pass forward. Personally, I've had to learn a lot of things through experience but I've also had the luxury of having a mentor later in life and it was really helpful. If I could be the vessel to pay it forward
I feel like I'm living out a part of my purpose. Anthony