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  • General

    Q: Who is eligible to participate in Creative Connect?

    A: As Creative Connect is designed for young emerging artists and creatives, you must be between the ages of 14-29 to participate as a mentee.

    Creative Connect accepts all artists, creatives, and creative professionals across disciplines in the role of a mentor.

    Q: Do I have to pay for Creative Connect?

    A: No, Creative Connect is a FREE youth based program.

    Q: How are mentees and mentors connected?

    A: Mentoring relationships are formed through the Xinspire platform and through the support of Nia Centre staff. After being approved into the program, the platform recommends individuals with similar interests and goals as you and will encourage you to send them a message. Nia Centre staff will also guide and assist in connecting you with a mentoring partner.

  • For Mentees

    Q: I messaged a mentor, but did not receive a response. What should I do?

    A: Allow your mentor time to respond. If they have not replied to your message after 7 days, connect in with a Nia Centre staff member and they will support you in getting connected with a mentor.

    Q: Can I reach out to more than one mentor?

    A: Yes, you are able to connect in with more than one mentor. It is important that you take some time to reflect on the purpose and needs of each mentor that you are connecting in with and ensure that you can make the time commitment. If you need support outlining your goals, connect in with a Nia Centre staff member and they will be able to provide you with support.

    Q: How often should I meet with my mentor after connecting?

    A: After connecting with your mentor, take some time to discuss your schedules. You can schedule five 1-hour sessions or more with your mentor to begin your mentorship. Sessions can be in person, through video chat or by phone. Scheduling can be flexible. However, we recommend that you complete all your sessions within a 3-month time frame.

  • For Mentors

    Q: What if a mentee does not reach out to me?

    A: Oftentimes, it can be nerve-wracking for a mentee to message a mentor. If a mentee does not send you a message to connect, reach out to a Nia Centre staff member and they will be able to provide further support and guidance to get you connected with a mentee.

    Q: How come I can't see mentees' profiles?

    A: To encourage mentees to initiate the first contact with a mentor, mentors are not able to see a mentee's profile until they connect in with them. However, mentors can see other Creative Connect mentors' profiles.

    Q: Do I receive compensation in the role of a mentor?

    A: Mentors who participate in Matched Mentorships and Group Connects will receive an honorarium at the end of the mentorship in recognition of their time commitment.

  • For Teachers

    Q: What is the cost of a school engagement?

    A: There is no cost to the students, teachers, or school. Creative Connect is a FREE program. We cover facilitator fees, supplies, and transportation as needed to each engagement.

    Q: Do your Mentors/Artist Facilitators have a Vulnerable Sector Check?

    A: Yes, all of our mentors, staff, and facilitators are required to complete a Vulnerable Sector Check before acceptance into the program. We ensure that all necessary requirements and checks are completed, and cover all costs for documentation.

    Q: How do I schedule a school engagement?

    A: Easy! Email us at, and let us know your needs and requirements. A Nia Centre staff member will contact you to learn more and schedule your school engagement.